Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy refers to a dental procedure that is performed to remove the infected pulp from a decayed tooth. It helps save the patient from tooth loss and restores the functionality of the tooth. At Red Pine Dental, the dentists advise the patient to undergo root canal therapy to avoid the extraction of the tooth. 

Why Do You Need a Root Canal Therapy?

There are several signs that signify that a patient may need root canal therapy. They may experience extreme pain while biting or chewing on food. The gums around the infected tooth may discolor and some patients may have swollen or inflamed gums. Tooth sensitivity is a significant symptom of cavities and decay in the mouth. In the later stages, the infected tooth may break or chip off, which indicates that the patient is a candidate for root canal therapy. 

How is Root Canal Therapy Performed?

The dentist of Red Pine Dental initiates the process through a complete oral checkup of the patient. They use a small concave mirror to view the teeth in detail. Some dentists also use digital imaging systems to obtain images of the infected tooth. The patient is provided anesthesia which helps to numb the area of the infected tooth. The dentist places a rubber dam in the mouth, which helps prevent the spread of bacteria in the mouth.

The dentist uses a dental drill to make a hole in the infected tooth. Using tools like dental files, the infected pulp and nerves are completely removed and the tooth is decontaminated. After the procedure, they fill the tooth with materials like composite resin or metal, which helps to seal the tooth from further cavities or decay


The dentists' advise the patients to follow the instructions for faster recovery from root canal therapy. They should avoid indulging in activities that can put pressure on the area of treatment. Dentists prescribe over-the-counter medicines that can help alleviate the discomfort or pain experienced by the patient. 

Root Canal is an excellent treatment option to save the tooth and retain it. 

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