Dentures are restorative dental devices that are used to replace missing teeth in the mouth. Ultimately, it helps to restore the functionality of the teeth. At Red Pine Dental, the dentists advise dentures as an excellent option to replace the missing teeth in the mouth. 

Types of Dentures

There are two types of dentures that are preferred to replace teeth.

Complete Dentures: Patients who have suffered from complete loss of teeth are advised to use complete dentures. They replace the entire arch of teeth for the patients. It is customized to fit the unique dental measurements of the patients. 

Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are advised to patients who have suffered partial loss of teeth. It replaces the missing tooth and is made of a framework that consists of an acrylic base and a piece of metal. The patient can opt for a removable or fixed partial denture, considering their comfort. 

Candidacy for Dentures

If you are planning to opt for dentures as your teeth replacement option, it is crucial to possess a good jawbone density. The patient should provide detailed insight regarding their dental condition. This helps the dentist determine if the patient is a candidate for dentures. 

Procedure for Dentures

The initial process for the procedure involves a complete dental checkup of the patient. It helps the patient to analyze if the candidate is eligible for dentures. After understanding the requirement, the dentist takes the impression of the mouth, which is vital for the fabrication of dentures. They are sent to the laboratory for the fabrication process. The patient can opt for a temporary denture until they receive their personalized piece. 

In the subsequent visit, the dentist places the denture inside the mouth. It has an acrylic base that fits in through suction. The dentist checks for proper fittings and makes any adjustments that are necessary for the proper fitting. 

Aftercare for Dentures

The patient should be gentle while handling dentures. It should be placed in the cleaning solution when not in use and should be rinsed thoroughly before placing it back inside the mouth. Good dental care is essential to keep dentures in their best form. 

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