Periodontal Dentistry

Periodontal Dentistry

Periodontal dentistry is a branch of dentistry that addresses dental problems relating to the gums. A periodontist is an expert dentist who attends to patients with gum diseases. At Red Pine Dental, the dentists provide a detailed checkup to the patients on noticing any signs or symptoms of gum diseases and offer the appropriate treatments, that help save the patient from tooth loss. 

Cause of Periodontal Diseases

Poor dental hygiene is a major cause of periodontal diseases. Bacteria spreads in the mouth, which infects the gums and causes periodontal diseases. As a result, a large amount of plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth and gumlines,  leading to gum diseases. 

Signs of Periodontal Diseases

The significant signs of periodontal diseases are swollen, bleeding and inflamed gums. Eventually, the gums begin the recede and the patient may notice that the teeth appear longer. Some patients experience foul breath due to gum diseases. If ignored, the patient may also lose their teeth over time. 

Treating Periodontal Diseases at Red Pine Dental

The dentist begins the dental procedure through consultation, which includes the overall dental checkup of the patients. A small concave mirror and digital imaging systems are used to obtain a better view of the mouth.

There are two major steps of treatment that are provided to the patients who are in the early stages of gum diseases which are root planning and scaling. The procedures are performed to remove the plaque and tartar on the teeth. Several dental tools are used to remove the buildup. Water is gushed inside the mouth to remove it from the mouth.

Patients who have advanced periodontal diseases require surgery which helps to reshape the bone. It is a surgical procedure that is performed to prevent the patient from tooth loss. After the treatments, it is important to visit the dentist regularly. An expert dentist can help avoid complications caused by gum diseases. 

It is essential to understand that it may become difficult to treat and reverse the condition as periodontal diseases advance. On noticing any signs of gum diseases, visit the dentist for treatment procedures.

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