What to do when a dental emergency occurs?

What to do when a dental emergency occurs?

Posted by RED PINE DENTAL on Apr 13 2021, 12:03 PM

What to do when a dental emergency occurs?

Have you ever sustained a broken or severely damaged tooth that was a result of external trauma? If yes, you would have an idea how intense and painful the situation would be. If not, touch wood! We don’t want that happening. The point is, most people who go through oral emergencies wouldn’t have an idea how to deal with them owing to the sudden shock at that instant. Hence, we would like to help you understand how best to deal with such instances and keep yourself from undergoing a whole lot of trouble.

Common dental emergencies

  • Broken teeth:A broken tooth could be a result of an accidental fall, a sports-related injury, an automobile accident, or even as simple as biting anything too hard. When a tooth breaks, the blood vessels and nerves within it would be disturbed, leading to a lot of bleeding and pain. As soon as the incident occurs, gather yourself and try to assess the situation. Gurgle with cold water to remove the broken tooth pieces and microbes in the mouth. You may use a piece of gauze and a cold pack to control the bleeding and apply pressure on the site of injury. Rush to a dentist and get the wound treated. The same goes for injuries to the gums or the soft inner lining of the mouth.
  • Avulsed teeth:Teeth that are completely uprooted from the jawbone socket due to extreme cases of oral trauma are called avulsed teeth. They can lead to intense pain and bleeding, putting the patient through a state of shock. Luckily, an avulsed tooth can be put back in its place by a trained dentist if you reach them in time. If you manage to find the tooth, pick it up, holding only the tooth crown and rinse it with clean water. Bring it along to the dentist’s practice placed in a glass of milk so that the tooth root doesn’t get infected or the tissues do not die. Do not try to put it back in the mouth yourself, as it could lead to unnecessary complications.
  • Failed restorations:Dental restorations placed on the teeth eventually become old and can wear off. Imagine having your crown or bridge falling off when you are having lunch with your loved ones. It can be pretty embarrassing and may also lead to severe sensitivity and pain due to the exposed tooth surface. Visit the dentist immediately so that they can diagnose your condition and provide suitable ceramic restorations to replace your existing ones.

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