Bad Habits That Can Damage Our Oral Health And Smile

Bad Habits That Can Damage Our Oral Health And Smile

Posted by RED PINE DENTAL on Dec 6 2022, 02:05 AM

Bad Habits That Can Damage Our Oral Health And Smile

Practicing good oral habits is crucial to maintaining our oral health. Some of the most common bad habits that damage our oral health are nail biting, smoking, brushing teeth aggressively, teeth grinding, using teeth as tools, and not going to the dentist regularly.

  • Nail Biting

Nail biting is a common bad habit that can damage your teeth and gums significantly. It can cause sensitivity of the gum tissues over time and cause the enamel to thin out as well. This can also cause the teeth to become chipped or broken over time. If you bite your nails often, practice some relaxation techniques since this can manifest itself in anxiety or stress.

  • Aggressive Brushing

Aggressive teeth brushing can wear down the enamel on the teeth and cause receding gums and tooth loss if practiced over a long period of time. It can also wear down crowns and other restorative work like dentures. Make sure to use a soft-bristled brush and gently brush your teeth twice a day to remove any surface plaque buildup. Also, remember to floss between each of your teeth to further help clean them.

  • Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a bad habit that can result in chipping, breaking, and even tooth loss. If you have a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep, talk with your dentist about getting a custom mouth guard to help protect your teeth during sleep.

  • Smoking

Not only does smoking stain the teeth, but it also causes a number of serious problems in the mouth. The chemicals contained in cigarettes can cause damage to the delicate gum tissue and drastically increase the risk of gum disease. Tooth loss is also more common in people who smoke. Additionally, smokers run the risk of developing oral cancer. All of these issues can be greatly reduced by quitting smoking as soon as possible.

If you quit smoking, though, your teeth will be healthier, and you will be more able to fight the bacteria that cause gum disease. Your breath will also improve after giving up this bad habit. You may also notice less staining on your teeth over time.

People who smoke are also at greater risk for experiencing complications following oral surgery or dental implant procedure. Smokers also tend to heal more slowly and have a higher risk of infection following a surgical procedure than non-smokers do. This can increase the risk of negative outcomes such as dry sockets. If you have plans to undergo oral surgery in the future, be sure to quit smoking at least six weeks before your procedure. This will give your body enough time to clear your system of the toxins from tobacco.

  • Using Teeth As Tools

Using your teeth as a tool can cause tooth damage and even tooth loss. Some patients use their teeth to open packages or bottles. Others use the back teeth to pluck up food particles from between their front teeth. Over time, these actions can create fractures in teeth and wear down enamel and gums. It is best to employ other methods when opening packages or removing tags.

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