Tooth Extraction: Everything You Need to Know

Tooth Extraction: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by RED PINE DENTAL on Nov 2 2021, 07:27 AM

Tooth Extraction: Everything You Need to Know

The very thought of having your teeth extracted may be frightening, but tooth extractions are a routine dental procedure. There is no need to be scared of this simple procedure. It will help reduce your anxiety to know more details about this oral treatment. 

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction entails the process of removing a tooth for several reasons, like overcrowded teeth, dental trauma, or periodontal disease. The process is often straightforward, and the extraction is performed quickly while you are fully conscious. At the most, a local anesthetic injection is all that is required. For more complicated situations, more extensive surgery is performed. 

Tooth Extraction Procedures

There are two types of extractions:

  • Simple Extractions

A simple extraction is conducted on a tooth visible in the mouth and has roots that can be easily removed. Also, simple extractions do not require the services of an oral surgeon and are generally routine procedures. After a thorough examination, we can determine if your tooth extraction is simple or requires surgery.

In a simple extraction, we will loosen the tooth with a dental tool called an elevator. Then, with the help of forceps, the affected tooth is gently pulled out by using controlled force. Some people may find this a little painful. At Red Pine Dental, we have everything you need to ensure your experience is as painless as possible.

  • Surgical Extractions

A surgical extraction is a more demanding procedure. It is used when a tooth has not emerged correctly, broken off at the gum line, or the tooth does not grow straight. Oral surgeons commonly perform surgical extractions. However, they can be performed by general dentists under some circumstances. In a surgical extraction, we will make a small incision into your gum. If necessary, we will remove some of the bone around the tooth or cut the tooth in half to extract it.

Post Extraction Care

After your extraction, you should know the precautions you need to follow to heal correctly. We will give you clear directions on how to care for your oral health.

  • Make sure you give your body sufficient time to heal.
  • Do not lift any heavy objects or any movements that will move your head.
  • Eat cold and soft foods until you feel comfortable. Once your mouth heals, you can start eating warm and solid foods.
  • Do not disturb your extraction area. 
  • Do not smoke for at least forty-eight hours after the extraction, as they will prevent proper clotting and healing.
  • After twenty-four hours, you can rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. Most bleeding and swelling subsides within a day or two after the surgery.

If you want to know more about tooth extractions, visit us at Red Pine Dental, at 3550 S 5600 W #3, Salt Lake City, UT 84120, or call us at (180) 196-63166 and schedule an appointment.

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